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Flick home run ios gameFlick Home Run is among the popular game on iOS. This game was released in the year 2011 and since it was released, the game has retained top rating among players. It is now the game of both luck and free from error. If you want to play, just flick your finger to make a home run. When flicking your fingers you can experience lots of throws that are specific on pendulum. Your score is increased when a single flick go into action with all the balls into a blue zone. Assuming the balls continue flying, then hit he ball directly with a flick to receive more points. Flick home run is also said to be a ‘’real-life batting simulation”.


This ios game seems is complex, but it is easy and simple. The game challenges are for you to hit the balls so hard. When this is achieved, the balls get out and land another place. It will inflict damage on homes and motor cars in the game. When this happens, you will be forced to look for an alternative of getting the balls out of the park. You will earn more points when any ball gets out without causing damage, and you will receive a bonus anytime you get your balls out without striking any buildings or vehicles or objects.

To refill the balls, make sure you get as far as possible in the game. You get more balls per length you travel.

Don’t forget that there are several types of balls in the pitch and while playing, you might not be in the status to know when ant ball is coming. As a result of this, use power-ups to recognize the pitch. Fast drops, regular baseballs, curving balls etc are the different forms of balls that you may get.

The technique use in winning the game is to know the way he balls works. If you know the weight of the balls then you can know the one that can travel very fast.


Flick home run modes make the game more interesting. One of the modes is “sunglasses” which is use to identify the balls coming to your direction. The climax of the game only agrees with 3 balls; get the knowledge of making the most of the balls to get the top amount of points. Just avoid making use of the balls at he beginning of the game when thing are easy. Save hem so that you can use them when things are difficult. First examine was coming on the way in some seconds before saving the balls. The second game mode is to avoid hitting the balls at hundred feet to prevent your life from reducing. When you do this, the balls might misbehave but this will at least help you cover shorter journeys. Make sure at this position you flick with a strong force, and listen to the coordinator of your finger’s movement. Do not forget that the game has 2 modes which are the minor and he major challenge.

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